Jingwen Forum


In this multicultural era, class alone couldn’t meet students’ needs for new knowledge and new culture, so the richer campus culture becomes a srtong support. Besides offering rich literature resources and protecting teaching and research, the library also endeavors to improve students' comprehensive cultural quality and enrich the campus culture. Therefore, during the fifth civilized service month, "Jing Wen Forum" came into being. It is a forum, which values popularity, practicability, academics, set up for the communication of general culture, popularization of cultural common sense and enjoyment of a sapiential life. Through building a new communication platform among teachers, students, specialists and scholars, the forum structured a new channel of knowledge aquisition.
In the choice of content, the "Forum" takes the form of academic lectures, addressed in the modern cultural context, that are related to social hot topics and close to students’ interests. It is a series of thematic lectures that lay emphasis on the rationality and scientificity of knowledge structure, giving all readers a full enjoyment of knowledge.
In the choice of experts and scholars, the forum follows these criteria: The specialists or scholars invited should have a great influence and a solid foundation in academic background in the country or the province. The one need to be a good communicators with sense of humor and experience of large lecture so that he or she could explain the profound in simple language. The forum will make full use of resources and seize the opportunities of large-scale activities and meetings to invite celebrities involved.
Since the first lecture, the forum, with its eclectic content, keeps itself both academic and practical, authoritative and avant-garde. It has already begun to show its charm in campus by pursuing innovation, encouraging ideological personality, emphasizing both refined and popular tastes and attaching importance to interactions with audiences.
Looking forward to your participation and support. Jingwen Forum will give you knowledge and wisdom!