The Opening Ceremony of Library Cooperative Program Between NNU and Jiangsu Luminary Buddhist Instit

The opening ceremony of library cooperative program between NNU and Jiangsu Luminary Buddhist Institute was held in Jiming Temple on January 22nd, 2016.

This Buddhist institute is the only one approved by State Bureau of Religious Affairs as senior Luminary Buddhist Institute and affiliating to Jiming Temple in Nanjing city, Jiangsu province. NNU provided the Buddhist institute library with one-year training of book interview, cataloging, collection and archiving. Meanwhile, our school offered experiences in library management and helped complete the design and construction of main building of the Buddhist library.    
In the ceremony, master Chaohui, the vice director of Luminary Buddhist Institute library introduced how the library was established through constructive cooperation with NNU. Leaders from Bureau of Religious Affairs in Jiangsu province and Nanjing city, together with other prominent people of Buddhism all witnessed the signing of this cooperative program. In the end, books were granted as gifts by two sides.

Master Lianhua, vice standing principal of Jiangsu Luminary Buddhist Institute, Professor Lixin Tian, Vice President of NNU, and Chuanyong Gu, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Religious Affairs of Jiangsu province respectively delivered their speech during the ceremony. Professor Tian pointed out that NNU will continue to promote two-way cooperation by providing more support and help in an all-dimensional way for advancing the establishment of Buddhist library. And by recollecting the story between him and Jiming Temple as well as Jiangsu Luminary Buddhist Institute, Gu Chuanyong expressed his sincere wish for the Buddhist Institution to develop more Luminary talents with the platform of this library. 

After the ceremony, they paid a visit to the library and highly commended its designing concept, archiving structure and reading services. They hope NNU can play a more significant role in cultural development of Jiangsu province and the university itself by taking cooperative opportunities in all aspects like this, thus to realize the goal of becoming a world-class university or developing its first-class fields of discipline in the near future.